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I've got routers with individual dhcp pools and I need to log the mac-to-dhcp address bindings. I've been experimenting with logging different severity levels, but have not seen a single instance of dhcp info. Is this possible?thanks...

shjelmstad by Beginner
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I am having a problem with the new Cisco ISR's 2811 and snmp. When a Frame-Relay link is running at high utilisation snmp polls to the router fails. We experience this issue with different Access and CIR rates. We have configured the routers with and...

alburton by Beginner
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Hi, I hava a NAM module in a Catalyst 6513.Fo r few days I expected this troubleshut:The NAM module shutdown :Jan 17 07:45:54.743: %SNMP-5-MODULETRAP: Module 3 [Down] TrapJan 17 07:45:54.747: SP: The PC in slot 3 is shutting down. Please wait ...Jan ...

Been bothering me for awhile... Why does DFM 1.2 see my Cat 1900 as "Unresponsive"?SNMP is enabled on the 1900 with a RW string. I tried deleting and re-adding the device within DFM -- still the same thing. Am I missing something? TIA!!

neonetsup by Beginner
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Hello Everyone,I have noticed that I am not able to see anything other than “Unknown” when checking 24 hours-> Change Audit report under Host Name, Connection Mode when someone telnet to a Cisco device running CatOS and makes configuration change. I'...

majama by Enthusiast
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We're currently monitoring active calls with the following OID: works well; however, it only reports the TOTAL calls on all PRIs/T1s. Does anyone know of an OID which can measure active calls on each T1 individually?Than...

dialink-ir by Beginner
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Hi there.I am running mls nde on 6509´s and are gettingsh ip flow export Flow export is enabled... Version 5 flow records 60251232 flows exported in 145173954 udp datagrams 0 flows failed due to lack of export packet 11541 export packets were sen...

lakn by Beginner
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