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Until we can get network management tools in place, I would like to be able to see real time stats on Internet and enterprise network usage per user. Normally, I would use netflow, but since the firewall NATs, I only see one source address. Inside th...

kleins by Level 1
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Hello,I am having a hard time deciding on best tool to discover our network and map it in a cost-effective manner. Our network is close to 300 hosts and 10 servers. We have cisco switches, routers, and pix. I would like to map it in a way that it ...

aalhajjah by Level 1
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Hi,I have a Ciscoworks LMS 2.2 with update and RME IDU8 (solaris). I have been that I have empty files in the directory /tftboot with the format YYYYMMDDnnnnnn-DirIP.cfg. This files are only from devices C6006, and there is a file new when I ciscowo...

a.caja by Level 1
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I am looking to good snmp tool for window verAre there any like a Unix'snmpwalk'?It should be a freeware and small size.Despite I have a what's up gold, the program is no freeware and it's too big , so I have a problem to carry it in my usb boxI'll u...

sjyoon by Level 1
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Iám looking for some infomation on how to use SNMP to copy a file from a TFTP sever to a routers running configuration, and how to get snmp to copy running configuration to startup configuration.Can any one help ?Thanks in advance/Peter

My HQ run CM and topology view is workable .CDP is enable , everything is good.Recently my network change T1 leased line to L3 vpn ,from topology view all nodes color change to red ,show cdp neighbor no information response.Did CM workable on L3 vpn ...

mikehsu2 by Level 1
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