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Hi,All;I had intall the 4th in hp-ux 11.00,but can't configure it correct,now I want install it in hp-ux 11.11 , could you tell me the 4th can install in hp-ux11.11 (the document say it can install in hp-ux11.00).Thanks & Happy new year !

de.joe by Level 1
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Hi everybody,I'am rather new to this subject, so forgive me the maybe silly question (although I need an answer ... ;-)We are stacking several 3750's to one virtual switch. I already know that the max load on the backbone will be 32 Gbps, but we want...

Is there a simple way to export a configuration, preferably with the passwords intact, from CiscoWorks to a desktop? We are trying to find an easy way to be able to recover a configuration to restore via console if we lose the config on a device and...

Namol by Level 1
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Hi,I have a very daunting task that of upgrading an existing network for a high school. I need some advice on the best method to do this.The existing situation is this:1. A peer to peer network2. Star topology (Cat. 5 UTP)3. Fast Ethernet switches (...

Does anyone ever tried the Network Assistant 1.0 ?I've downloaded it from the cisco site and gave it a try. I've been shocked by seeing that it does not use SNMP but HTTP or HTTPS to connect to cisco devices.I really can't understand such cisco's cho...

scolombo by Cisco Employee
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Does anyone know how to manage access-lists in the Cisco Network Assistant, or if it's possible.The product description says that acls could be managed, but I have not found any way to do that.The switch that I'm testing this on is a 2950 with the la...

Hello everyone,I have a small problem with the syslog functionality in RME... I have configured syslog on my switches/routers and directing it to the ciscoworks server. I infact get these syslog messages on the log file generated in cscopx/log direct...

sachinraja by Level 9
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Hi, everybody.Maybe these will sound like novice questions and in fact they probably are. I have my MC for firewalls working and contacting my 50 or so firewalls but I can't get the picture how you can manage the configurations. I imported all firewa...

efink by Level 1
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Cisco is a great compnay but I tell you their network management products must be the bottom of their priority.CW2K still is not support on Windows2003 and its almost 2005.I have 2 CW2K servers not that will not backup the configurations of my device...

bbecker by Level 1
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