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Hello everyone, under what circumstances does the index for an interface change? Is it possible for a monitoring tool to report over 30 000 interfaces indexes changes in one night?. I know that this value could change after a reload, removing logical...

I´m having trouble downloading ASDM from ASA 5506-x. I´ve enabled http server 443 and configured the management interface but when I type in the address in the browser I get the following text   NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALIDSubject: ASA Temporary S...

IngelaJ by Beginner
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HiHas anybody ever tried resetting a vty or the enable secret password via SNMP?  I've read that there is something you can do with pullling back the running-config and comparing it to startup-config....via snmp assuming you know the RW Community-str...

Hi guys, I have a question, can we upload the SNMP  MIB File  for third party switches in the Prime infrastructure 3.7 for PSU and FAN Failure.?As per PI compatibility matrix, Prime infrastructure does not support FMC and firepower. Can we upload the...

Hello, I have Cisco ISR 11OO with dual sim 4G option on the same controller.I would like to create a script which automatically switch to the nominal sim on a predefined hour.The condition for the script are :- Sim 0 is present- lte profile 1 (backup...

Jérémy by Beginner
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I have the attached network scenario.In the scenario, I have 2 networks & which has access to Internet.OSPF is used between L3#3 & R1 , L4#4 & R2. R1 & R2 is configured for source NAT to communicate to Internet.I want to c...

RS19 by Participant
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Hello guys, I'm trying to configure LACP on my QNAP NAS connected to a C2960S switch. My aim is to have 2GB available. On my QNAP, I configured aggregation between two ports using "managed switch", "802.3ad dynamic" and "layer 2+3" options (I put som...

Julie_grst by Beginner
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