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Best Practices for Routers and Switch Implementation/Selection on a Hospital with 480 endpoints Environment?

Hello,There is a hospital with two campuses,so we have one MDF and one IDFwe have to serve 480 endpoints(workstaions) and couple of servers1)What appliances(model and series of Cisco) is best suit this scenario if want to buy new appliances,can you g...

George-Sl by Beginner
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Nexus 5672 python

switch : Nexus 5672OS version : 7.3.3I am getting following error when i try to execute below python command 1. SSH to Nexus 5672 using my admin credential2. type python to access python shell3. typed following in python shell :  import smtplib smtpl...

altaf007 by Beginner
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Resolved! Packet-Tracer problem with HTTP server

Hello, I am new at this, and I try to configure an HTTP server to be accessible from an outside network in Packet Tracer.Its pretty hard to describe, so I will try the best I can.At the moment all my seting are working from inside my network, the pro...

Drakestes by Beginner
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Resolved! Problem with my dns on my dhcp config

Hello,I hsd configure a dhcp with my dns server on my ASA firewall, It was working fine, but suddently, my dhcp client dosent receive my dns config at all, it show insted of that I have set.I tried to change the dns server in my con...

Drakestes by Beginner
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ZTP Issue with NVRAM?

Good Morning,I feel like i'm going crazy because last week I had this working, and now it doesn't want to work. I finished my python script for ZTP but i can't seem to get ZTP to start on the switch. I'm using a 9300 16.6.5 So I have my 2945 connecte...

tcebak by Beginner
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C2960S unsupported in CNA 6.3

Hi, Suddenly I have all my C2960S devices appearing as not supported in CNA 6.3 . I only noticed it today, I suppose it was ok until now. I downloaded the latest version and still the same. Other devices are doing fine.I have checked the supported de...

efonteyn1 by Beginner
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EEM Configuration please confirm correct

Hello, I have created the following EEM but it never triggers. Can anyone see where I might have made a mistake in my syntax?Here is what I have used for the trigger:*Jun 11 13:46:45.177: %SNMP-3-INPUT_QFULL_ERR: Packet dropped due to inputqueue full...

Gerard Roy by Explorer
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