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Hello.I've been working on a school project and have encountered this error while configuring and testing mail server.I can only send emails to devices within the same LAN.Could anyone offer some help and guide me through this issue.

email_server.png mail_server_error.png mailserver_error.png

Hello, I have been doing field tech work, various jobs computer related stuff.  I have not found it necessary to console into any equipment yet, but if I do, I want to know what I need. I have a cisco console cable, putty software and know how the te...

raycid74 by Beginner
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Dear Cisco Community,I'm facing an issue with a firepower 1000 specifically regarding the assignment of a static management IP address. The requirement is to avoid using DHCP and specify a static address for management traffic routed through data int...

Hello everyone, I'm new to the EEM scripts creation and I'm currently in the process of learning how to use it. I have a cellular switch IR1101 that uses EEM version 4.0. I am having issues with my routers where sometimes the cellular connection goes...

Jrod0809 by Beginner
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I am trying to  give a UPLINK  to the Te0/0/24(10 Gig) ports of cisco router from the PTN device  with following configuration.  Assigned port went UP but  but invalid error have occurred while doing negotiation auto command lines. Pls help me.***com...

Screenshot 2023-10-02 162850.png Screenshot 2023-09-29 114332.png
choda489 by Beginner
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The network outage was caused by a hardware failure in the Core Module,specifically the VS-SUP2T-10G with Factory ID VS-S2T-10G. rommon 1 > setPS1=rommon ! >RJ45_CONSOLE=0LOG_PREFIX_VERSION=1?=0CALL_HOME_DEBUG=00000000000DIAG_DEBUG=000000000000RANDOM...