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Good day, We have a point to point link between us and a client. We have a cisco router 2911 on our side and the cable is on a GigabitEthernet0/1 interface. We are monitoring the link on our end using snmp and we receive alerts whenever the interface...

Mmiselo by Level 1
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Hi all I try to connect to the GUI of the WLC 5520 over the management interface. The management interface has following ip: is working.But i cant access GUI over this IP address. Following network Configuration:(wczhlab01) >show net...

Hello,I'm setting up a datacenter scenario with redundancy on a contingency site. We will place two Catalyst 9407 switches in the CORE layer, one in each datacenter, using the Stackwise Virtual Link (SVL) concept, in order to use the Etherchannel Mul...

Trying to install a brand new RV340 using set up wizzard. Dynamic IP setupThe router will not pickup the IP and the technician on the supplier end can not see the Router.If old router is used to "open the connection" the router indicates that it is c...

Resolved! SSH Considerations

Hello guys,I have a set of questions relevant to SSH configuration:1. Is it necessary to use crypto key generate rsa ? why?2. What would happen If we generate keys and configure SSH, and restore this configuration into another switch/router?3. Is it ...