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We have recently noted a flood of SNMP related logs which a snapshot are shown below (full logs attached). As shown, they were all logged in a short space of time. There was no issues on the network reported at the time and no other switches of the s...

After using express set up on a new 3650 switch, I try to access the webui, I get a prompt for secure access. If I chose yes I get the following message: xx.xx.xx.xx uses an unsupported protocol.ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCHIf I choose non secur...

DanGab by Beginner
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Hi everyone, So I made a post earlier about the cisco equipment I was given, which contains a 2811 with a WLC and some 1142LAPs and I got that set up pretty well  (thank you marce100 for the help). Now I wanted to see if I can integrate this with a U...

I need to Auto Clear DHCP Conflict. I used the below script. I see in my log , that the Conflict is cleared, but when I show the ip dhcp conflict. I see the conflict IPs still there. Should I restart the Router first then the script will start to be ...

Al 7onsh by Beginner
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#show startup-config on our Cisco 897VA produces this:ip dhcp pool school-dhcp-poolimport allnetwork infinite!ip dhcp pool talkswitchhost 255....

trapneto by Beginner
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Hi All After checking Cisco Prime Infrastructure (virtual) via GUI on Administration > Licenses and Software Updates > Licenses, the Prime Infrastructure License show that the cisco prime is licensed (refer first image). However, when clicking on "Ab...

izi by Beginner
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