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hello,syslI want to send the log message from n9k (version 6.1(2)I3(4b))  to syslog server. I do the configuration as follow:interface mgmt0  vrf member management  ip address server server se...

Jack Chen by Beginner
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hiI have a 4431 with IOS 15.4(3)S6a which works well.A cisco engineer advises me to upgrade in 16.5.5 so I did it... but router crashed. In checking crash file, it seems to be one of my EEM script that crashes router after the reload command, see bel...

nvanhaute by Beginner
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Hi I'm wondering if a .tcl file would be run automatically each time a tracking state for an IP SLA (icmp-echo) changes from/to up/down? Based on some research, something like (I can't test if this works because Tcl/EEM doesn't work properly with rou...

acisco by Beginner
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I have a Cisco SG350-28 switch I have configured,  It's the 2nd switch in line of my route switch. I used to have connectivity to it until a 3rd party installed a new piece of equipment on my VLAN.I can ping the switch ( through my firewall ...

gmcclain63 by Beginner
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Resolved! VTP Issue

I have a switch that has several devices on it.  these devices are in 4 different vlans.  I went to move a cisco wireless access point into a different vlan, a vlan that no end device was currently on.  when i did, it said the vlan did not exist on t...

I'm looking to use a cli script in Prime to reboot a certain group of APs late at night. I've tried:#INTERACTIVEconfig ap reset AP01 <IQ>y/n<R>yconfig ap reset AP02 <IQ>y/n<R>y...#ENDS_INTERACTIVE Which works fine for the first few on the list, but e...

Hello all. I work in a Public sector. Now here i am facing an issue for quite a long time. There are three Vlans(201,50,32). On Vlan 32 there is a reports portal server which is used to update the daily reports. When i access the reports server from ...

FAZ by Beginner
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