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Hi All, My Cisco prime license reports indicates that I have about 45 token available, however when I tried to add device it says that there are no licenses available. Is this an expected behaviour? Regards, Kanes.R

Kanes39 by Level 1
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Hello , TeamThe XXX.XXX.2.XXX bandwith is divided into 1-127 and 128-254.A server ip - XXX.XXX.2.139.The B server has two IPs. (one- VIP:XXX.XXX.2.32 , Real IP-XXX.XXX.2.141)-A server can connect ssh and sftp to B server Real IP.-Within the local L4 ...

leeh1002 by Level 1
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Hi, I have two cisco wsa S690 v11.5 which always monitor the proxy cpu usage (due to the great quantity of connections per second since a couple of times we received slowness). Today I was very surprised since one of the WSA reported 156.7% of proxy ...

krlanglic by Level 1
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Hoping someone can help me here as i been unable to figure this out.I have a command "sh ip cache flow | in 0000" that I need to append to a file on flash.However when i use action 1.6 cli command "sh ip cache flow | in 0000 | append disk0:/rxload.tx...

Hi, I am just trying to understand better how does the NAT work and I have problem to understand the topology below. The question which I have is: why the link between firewall and the router is using public address, rather then private ? The router ...


Hi Guy Configuring following:   line vty 0 4  transport input all password Pass1 login    I' m able to access using telnet but using an ssh client it doens't work. It seems "username " is needed. So is there a "default username" that IOS associate to...

lnrdnl78d by Level 1
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