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Disable Radio on RV340W Router

Hello people!   I own an Cisco RV340W router. Sadly there is no option to turn off radio (2,4 and 5 Ghz wireless network) by schedule. By turning off I mean "turn off", not only preventing connection. I tried to connect by telnet or ssh but down't se...

SB-TRE123 by Beginner
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Resolved! WLAN Mangement

We have 2 5508 Wlc's and 16 WLAN's, can we manage the status of those WLAN's periodically? Based on our bandwidth issues We planned some WLAN's enable only in Off time & others in work time.

abiysm4 by Beginner
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Ask the Expert- Layer 3 Multicast: Security and Best Practices

  This topic is a chance to discuss more about Layer 3 multicast and the best practices to identify possible threats and take security measures. Ask your questions about basic multicast, the best security practices for use of this technology, and rec...

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IP Reservation DPC3941T

How do I do IP reservation on a DPC3941T.  There is no doc on this process in the doc I have for this device.  Is there more extensive documentation available? There are a number of features available on the gateway but not doc for most.

aguden by Beginner
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Migration from CNR 7.1.3 to ISC BIND

Dears,    Could someone please help me on how best we can carry out migrations from this version of CNR to another newer version with an ISC BIND slave. Details for our CNR are as below: CentOS release 5.10 64-bit Release 7.1.3 Linux build #

kazishe by Beginner
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Prime Infrastructure 3.2 Configuring Wireless Site Maps Job Aid Now Available

This job aid introduces you to the wireless site map configuration process that is new in Prime Infrastructure 3.2, and to the tasks that you can perform to add wireless site maps, including by adding maps manually and by importing map archive files....

Catalyst 2960XR and SNMP

Hi   I have two identical Catalyst 2960XR switches (or so I thought) and both have dual power supplies being monitored by SNMP (v2).  However, one is showing RPS-B is down whilst the other shows RPS-A and RPS-B healthy.  On the first switch both powe...

rmothers by Beginner
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Privileges for NETCONF user

Trying  retrive configuration from Cisco switch by NETCONF. from ncclient import manager m = manager.connect(host='cisco', username='user', password='password', device_params={'name':'iosxe'}) print m.get_config("running") How should I give privili...

A S by Beginner
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3g dialer

Hello,   In my production environment, I have 3G/4G backup links on 2951's as opposed to primary adsl/bdsl links.   Due to design of course, Dialers are only kicks in if we loose primary. However we never know if 3G is working on that time or will it...