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Hello, Just upgraded my asa 5506-x to FTD and can not find how to configure a DHCP Relay on FTD GUI. I have a DHCP server running on my Windows Server 2012 connected to ASA Firewall Ethernet 1/3 and Ethernet 1/2 is connected to a Cisco SG-250 switch,...

I need help with the following error I'm configuring netflow in my network and when I assigned the configuration in the interface it shows me the following % Flow Monitor: Failed to add monitor to interface: internal error: field information missing

I am having issues with a latency sensitive application and need to figure out if its network related so I am trying to see what my options are. I know IP SLA, but what results am I going to get from this? Is there an application I can run on each si...

I have Cisco Prime 3.2 setup out of the box with my Cisco 2960's showing up fine in the Network Devices inventory and all the metrics for CPU etc however I am not getting any client WIred Data .. my Wireless clients show up great..  Can someone help?...

Aholmes40 by Level 1
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Hi Admin,Do you know which tool at the moment can switch port "dynamic" to static "vlan" for each specific port?I need open sources (free tool). Because the company's budget is not available.I have switch Layer 3 3350, Layer 2 2960....If have, please...

le.tuanvn by Level 1
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I'm trying to detect when a ping communication comes back (ip sla), and then apply a "not shutdown" in a port-channel,  for that I configure a syslog event into my event manager. But it's not working. Any suggestions? event manager applet noshut_int_...

I'm trying to transfer the configuration over from an old firewall to a new Cisco ASA 5506-X firewall. The new firewall will not taking the following NAT commands because the method to configure NAT has changed with the newer versions. Can anyone hel...

YZ8006 by Level 1
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