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Hello, I installed CNA 6.3(1) on server Winows 2012 R2 64bits I have display problems when I create a topology view. It is very difficult to place the switches of the topology as I want, in order to have a personal overview. I am obliged to save my ...

We have syslog set up on a remote site - we've got an issue with ISP line going down, so obviously so does our tunnel, and then we lose syslog back to our central site.  Is there away to set up the syslog messages from a firewall so that it buffers l...

andymorph by Beginner
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Hi,   I have certain routes learnt in EIGRP and i need to redistribute into BGP. Please note that I have to  filter just specific routes from EIGRP to learn in BGP so I use route-map while re-destributing EIGRP to BGP to filter the prefixes.   I have...

I am trying to figure out why my routers do not send traps to WhatsUp Gold.  All of my switches work properly, but the routers do not.  WUG is configured properly and each device has the right monitors enabled.  There are no ACLs on the management vl...

jclindsey by Beginner
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Hi, I'm just getting started with Cisco equipment. I need a rollover cable. As I'm sure everyone is all too familiar with, all modern laptops do not have serial connections. The majority of rollover cables I see have serial connections. Granted there...

Rush1220 by Beginner
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In this post, we will try to clarify key concepts around Netflow technology and potentially correct some common misconceptions. Particularly we will explain why the “what is the sampling-rate you support?” is not the right question. We will describe ...

Resolved! EEM scripts Doubt

I want the below script to be applied only to particular ports of my 24-port switch. I don't want this to be applied to all my gigabit ports. Help me to make small changes in the script.   Example : I don't want the script to be applied to port 5-10 ...

Hello community,   I'm working with Prime + APIC-EM + PnP. Devices, in my case routers, get the configuration from Cisco PI template. At the same time I'm trying to push them pki based dmvpn + ipsec as part of the configuration. The question is where...

dosic by Beginner
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