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we are creating new tunnel and wants to keep customer routing table sprt.  i have created MGMT tunnel using vrf and loopback interface for management. currently i am using interface loop-back 0 from globe routing table for mgmt and its working. new D...

 I  get start getting this error on trying to reset my enable password on Cisco 2900 router .. I remove my flash to goto romon and when I reset my 0x2142 register the router boots to romon and i get the above error

Tahree by Level 1
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Hi,   I'm configuring this network with IP Phones (I have NOT done IP Phones before) in Packet Tracer 6.2, I have already done enough research on it without any result, the videos that I see have connected PC to Phone and then Phone to Switch and seg...

huud by Level 1
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Hey Peeps,   So I'm running a fully patched version of Prime 3.2.2.  I'm trying to run a cli template for a wireless controller to download a file to it (there's no pre-created template to do it).  So when I get to the interactive part, the template ...

Resolved! Duplicate address

-Traceback= 17AF700 17AD5D4 17ADC5C 17ADCCC 18769A8 186D420Oct 25 14:19:07.645: %IP-4-DUPADDR: Duplicate address XX.XX.XX.XX on VlanXX, sourced by 00f8.2cca.30c5Oct 25 14:19:09.512: %STM-2-REGIONERROR: TCAM region 24 error: move failed, source index ...

How can I find the running Prime job via the Prime CLI?  Assuming there is a PID per each job that can be manually killed.  Ran a system reboot job that was reloading routers.  Prime said the job stopped or timedout but routers were still rebooting a...

pattyj by Level 1
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