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On an IOS-XE device, I compared the ssh key from "show ip ssh" with the key for the device stored in my known_hosts file, and I notice that key on my server has an additional two characters than what is listed on the switch. Anyone have any idea why ...

jmcgill298 by Beginner
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Hello, I started receiving these alerts from Prime for multiple switches in our network:   PI has detected one or more alarms of category Switches and Routers and severity Critical in Virtual Domain ROOT-DOMAIN for the following items: 1. Timestamp: ...

tstrode01 by Beginner
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Hi,   I have recently joined the NHS and we have a Cisco Prime NCS running 2.0 that doesn't start. IT IS NOT UNDER A SUPPORT CONTRACT. I'm trying to get this thing working and have hit a road block. There is an inbuild account in the NCS database tha...

After reviewing the various Communities I didn't see one for physical hardware issues, if there is a more recommended place please let me know.  Issue: Was at our company's datacenter, opened the cage & was met w a blast of extremely hot air (not nor...

CSD1234csd by Beginner
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