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Prime Access list template

Hello All ,, I'm trying to use Prime Infrastructure to change an access list that exist only on some devices. now I don't know exactly what are those devices.  What I want to do, is make a template that checks for the access list, if it exists do cer...

bahaeddin by Beginner
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Resolved! PI 3.2 Does Not list StackSub-st Interfaces on 3850 after IOS Upgrade

I recently upgraded 2 switch stacks in our Chicago office to 3.6.6E from 3.6.4E.  After that upgrade, PI 3.2 does not list the stacksub-st- interfaces for those 2 switch stacks.  It does list the stackport1, stackport2, etc...  On Switch stacks runni...

customer availability reporting

hi all i am trying to find solution  to measure B2B client service availiblity ,( not port or node availibilty ) .IP SLA can give with simple ping test if your client conenctivity is fine or not .but is there any way to output this one as monthly/wee...

Monitoring Cisco EPN

Hi My customer have a cisco EPN to monitoring all network devices. and my customer want to know how to monitoring live traffic interface with interval 5 sec use cisco EPN?i already search but i didn't find anything how to monitoring live traffic wit...

Resolved! Cisco EPN - Add Devices

Hello, I have the information of my infraestructure(router, switches, etc) in a database.I want that Cisco EPN connect to this database and add the devices automatically.There is a way to do this? Regards,AL.

Cisco Prime 2.x: Adding Inventory Tags in

Hello,I’m trying to build a template that configures all interfaces of my switches which are explicit in Operational Mode: static accessI find an inventory DB table which gives me the needed information in my Demo system: ncsDiag DB query:           ...