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Community,Im having issues setting up Netflow on a 4431 ISR that runs IOS-XE. The Configs are very different from what im used to on regular IOS that used to be pretty straight forward. Can someone help me with the config? None of the online material...

Craddockc by Participant
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Hi Guys, Needed your help in selecting a router for 1Gig bandwidth.Following are the suggestions that my sales team have provided me. Im not sure as which to select , also they have told me that the least pricing and proper support for 1Gig.  Cisco 4...

So I am having an odd thing happen on WS-C3560V2-24PS-S series switches with EEM or just using the HTTP client by typing "more" followed by a URL.In some cases the last few characters of the URL are trunkated by the HTTP client.So "/plugins/identify/...

yaplej by Beginner
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Hi Got a new datacentre build  2 rtr's and 2 sw's go external for timing -everything else infrastructure wise looks to those rtr's and sw's for timing All units are solid apart from 2 small 3560's that keep dropping sync -Sep 21 15:53:03.966: NTP mes...

Hello All ,, I'm trying to use Prime Infrastructure to change an access list that exist only on some devices. now I don't know exactly what are those devices.  What I want to do, is make a template that checks for the access list, if it exists do cer...

bahaeddin by Beginner
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