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This job aid introduces you to the wireless site map configuration process that is new in Prime Infrastructure 3.2, and to the tasks that you can perform to add wireless site maps, including by adding maps manually and by importing map archive files....

Hi   I have two identical Catalyst 2960XR switches (or so I thought) and both have dual power supplies being monitored by SNMP (v2).  However, one is showing RPS-B is down whilst the other shows RPS-A and RPS-B healthy.  On the first switch both powe...

rmothers by Level 1
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Trying  retrive configuration from Cisco switch by NETCONF. from ncclient import manager m = manager.connect(host='cisco', username='user', password='password', device_params={'name':'iosxe'}) print m.get_config("running") How should I give privili...

A S by Level 1
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Hello,   In my production environment, I have 3G/4G backup links on 2951's as opposed to primary adsl/bdsl links.   Due to design of course, Dialers are only kicks in if we loose primary. However we never know if 3G is working on that time or will it...

Hello, I have been struggling with PI 3.1.2 (w/tech Pack 2) to understand the error messages for inventory that is showing Collection Failure: Prime Infrastructure 3.1 Device Pack 1 Device Support 1.0 Installed NaN-NaN-NaN NaN:NaN UTC Prime...