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Hello Everyone,   I am wondering if NBAR2's PP is router model specific. As I go about downloading the PP version 32 I see the file names have the model chassis embedded into it. Wonder if PP v32 for ASR1000 would be any different to ISR4000 as it sh...

SP2 by Level 1
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Hi   I have a switch template i would like to use for our standard 2960X deployments. However im running into some problems when using this template when deploying via Prime infrastructure 3.2 , and APIC-EM Version Deploying the template ...

Jostein by Level 1
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Hey,   I am using small business Cisco SG300-28 switch. I have a scenario where almost 25 computers are connected to a SG300-28 switch, it's a plug and play environment. Now, I want to block youtube, facebook on specific (or all) ports by creating IP...

Hi there, Thanks for reading. I'm exceeding thresholds in my IP SLA udp-echo monitoring.  I have reaction-alerts enabled and a logging host defined.  Test messages (send log 5) are received by my SNMP server (logging host).  The problem is I'm expect...

Bob Greer by Level 4
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We are building a new site. I am pretty new here and I have only been part of new site standups a couple times. We are brainstorming right now. The plan is to have our network equipment in place, have the circuit turned on, begin to replicate data fr...

Hello, We have installed Prime infrastructure version 3.2.1 with latest DP (2).We where able to connect the Prime to the WLC but it fails the credentials checks for HTTPS (also the user is OK).   When the Prime collect the information about the WLC w...

I am trying to set up a compliance in Prime infrastructure 3.1 and can't get it to work as i want to. I have the following examples of access-list: access-list 50 permit 50 permit Conditions and Actions are set as...

image.png image.png image.png image.png
lanab by Level 1
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Hello, I want to configure routers (ISR4321 & 4221) to send an e-mail whenever there is a specific match in syslog. When I try EEM it seems that the client (router) is not authenticated by our e-mail server. I have found many tcl scripts on the inter...

Hello all, Recently I have configured a standard ACL (out) and applied it to a VLAN in order to keep users from accessing this particular VLAN. The ACL works great with one accept ion, I also have a server sitting inside of the VLAN that I created th...

RDDunlap by Level 1
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My end customer wanted to enable lifecycle feature in Cisco prime device, but I am not familiar with  this Prime device.   Pls let me know how to enable lifecycle feature and what is the main purpose of this feature. And they also wanted to get alert...