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Hope you all are good. I got the feed from NTP server on my 6500 switch. After that I want that other devices on my network will get feed from my switch after authentication. But other devices on network is getting feed without authentication.   6500...

Is there a report that can be run based on the Active Alarms/Events in Prime Infrastructure 3.2?   I would like to automate and email a report on all of the "Authentication Failed" events to my security team so they could investigate these events.

ROBERT T by Level 4
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Hi,Please explain me this error : SNMP-3-INPUT_QFULL_ERR: Packet dropped due to input queue fullI want to know a)What causes this error.b)Is this snmp or something with the switch.c)Any MIB related to this error.d)What's the solution.I know warm rest...

srkala by Cisco Employee
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I see several others posting various issues with CNA 6.3.1, and I seem to have them all, plus a couple I don't see mentioned. I have tried it with Windows 10, using no compatibility, Windows 7 compatibility, and Windows XP SP3 compatibility, with res...

Hello,   I have a little issue with our Prime Infrastructure 3.2 installation. We have installed a standard virtual instance on a Vmware Esxi 6.0 installation.   We have created some virtual domains, and our problems is that when a administrator want...

Weeltin by Level 1
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I have got Prime upgraded on my secondary server, however to do so I had to make it a primary. Now I cannot seem to make it a secondary again by using the shell command. What am I missing here?

nshoe18 by Level 1
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