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Hi all, i have a cisco 2801 router which is running on "c2801-advsecurityk9-mz.124-24.T8.bin" IOS, Below commands are not supporting for the same  1) ip ssh server algorithm encryption aes256-ctr 2.)ip ssh server algorithm mac hmac-sha1 Kindly help...

Robo123 by Beginner
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Hello, is there a appropriate boot code available for the latest FW release? I can't find a software package for the boot code and I want to update my managed switch SG300-28P. Or do I just need the latest FW to update the switch? Best regards Hennin...

Hi, I removed the following configuration lines from my new 3650 config: no wsma agent confno wsma agent configno wsma agent execno wsma agent filesysno wsma agent notifyno wsma idno wsma dhcpno wsma agentno wsma agent notifyno wsma agent filesysno...

lkadlik by Beginner
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I have pieced together an EEM script from other people's script to automatically configure ports and label the ports with a description when a wireless access point is listed.  However the only downside to EEM is it requires IPBase license which is e...

Hi everyone, I have a CISCO 6503 switch and it has a high CPU utilization but the processes are below 2%, ¿what could be the problem here?. ra-uda-greuna#show processes cpu sorted 5sec | e 0.00 CPU utilization for five seconds: 77%/71%; one minute:...

I currently have an ASR1001-X with 10G uplinks, albeit throughput is restricted to 2.5Gb. The 'interface_10g' license is showing as Eval and I'm wanting to purchase the relevant license to allow a 10G interface, however I don't require 10G throughput...

Hi, I got Cisco Roll Over Adapter from online store that make standard Cat5e Ethernet cable into roll over cable. But how do you configure that on your computer? Does anyone have idea how does that work? Basically I connected my roll over adapter on...

kishan6313 by Beginner
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Hi, I have a universty project coming up, where I got the idea of making a web based IOS GUI which utilises SNMP. The academic level of the project is relatively low, so it doesn't necessarily have to be a perfect solution, so keep that in mind. Now,...

Lombravia by Beginner
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Hello all; I have an Access Point enginius 2610, connected directly to cisco 877 router Port F2. Seems that the router isn't recognizing the mac of the Access Point, and is always putting the port in down state. Access point: IP: Mac:0002.6...