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Resolved! prime 3.1 udi

hi, im migrating cisco prime infrastructure from 2.2 to 3.1 . my old system had problems with its database and we want to do a fresh install. im want to use the the licenses from the 2.2 on the 3.1 (i've looked it up and its possible to re-host those...

Hi, I have Cisco892 running Version 15.2(3r)XC and I would like a way to redirect HTTP trafic incoming on one inteface to go through another via a VRF. I was thinking using sockets in TCL, a first one to listen on one side and a second to relay the ...

Hello Everyone, We have a F5 GTM box who monitors our ASA firewall having capability of SSL VPN via a custom script configured on F5. Now this script logs in to the firewall as a SSL VPN user and then log off to make sure the SSL VPN capability is w...

I was wondering if there was a possible script, or configuration, to enable a switch to only do DHCP if the provided link goes down then disable DHCP if that link comes up. For instance, if Gi1/0/1 reads "%LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface FastEthernet1/0/48,...

Shawnw4401 by Beginner
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Hi ,            We have prime 2.2 and cisco 2960 switch 25 numbers.. if configured switch ip address in prime will take auto discover or specific need to be configured in switch also.. Please confirm ..Our requirement is we have to manage the switch ...