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Hi, I have a Cisco router ASR 9010 which has a module A9K-2T20GE-L and I request to use Transceivers 1000-Base-T in order to connect an HP Server DL360 Gen 9 (Network Adapter 4x1GbE) . As per Cisco Compatibility documentation, this module (A9K-2T20GE...

Hello experts, I have a Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.0 system that I am setting up email notifications for alarms that get registered. It appears the email notifications for alarms can only be set for both alarm severity level and the "Category" in w...

beitland by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! Ports managments

Not a expert,....Have a two SG 300 managed switches Have been able to connect to them by IP addresses and log in. Find a port setting,..but trying to figure out if it is any chance I can see what is connected to it,what port # , maybe just IP.

Resolved! Check LAN speed

Hi all,  I have a problem with LAN environment, people complains that the network work slowly, the application also works slowly.  I did a test with ftp server and the transfer rate was approx 5 Mb/s (I have transferred 150 MB) and the speed configu...

Hi all, I'am new to Cisco Forum and I hope my question is in the right section. I'am 21 years old and I'm currently studying Informatics. For my final exam I do a Zero Touch project. I'm trying to find out how to provision a Switch with a DHCP and a ...