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Hello, I have 2 Cisco GSS 4490 with the same issues trying to login not familiar with Linux how would I go about resetting each device back to the factory defaults I have no idea what the password is first of the 2 machines is a  GSS PID VID GSS-449...

Been new to EEM, I would like my router to trigger email alerts when memory threshold is reached say 90%  in real time on my ASR1002 router. My SNMP polls are just not fast enough and are not providing me with accurate information. Does anyone know ...

Hi,  Installed Prime 2.2 version, able to login using ssh but unable to login into GUI. Below is the ncs status output. PRIME/admin# ncs statusHealth Monitor Server is running.Matlab Server Instance 1 is runningFtp Server is DisabledDatabase server i...

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