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why does #show snmp-server oidlist not show a MIB that can clearly be walked? I have 10 Cisco 5505 Firewalls. All of which are running ASA 9.1.7(4) I can monitor IPSEC tunnel traffic on half of them (as the cikeTunnelEntry can be walked) but the othe...

Resolved! Solarwinds

Hi, We have a cisco prime appliance running on v2.2. recently we purchase solarwinds and we wish to use solarwinds to poll and monitor cisco prime appliance. is there any ways to do that? 

I have 3 questions regarding Cisco IE 2000: - Can I use Cisco EEM scripting to turn on/off DHCP for all ports (one script would have DHCP turned on, other with DHCP turned off). - Can I/O alarm values be used to trigger the two different EEM scripts ...

SKhanal21 by Level 1
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Resolved! Terminal Server

We are currently using a 2901 router as a terminal server.Yesterday we had a meeting with Cisco regarding Network Upgrade.Cisco told us that we can now use a switch and connect it to the management interface and use it as a terminal server for the la...

Hi All, I could see few posts related to email notification in the support forum, still I have a question related to this  Is it possible to limit the interface down alert to only the selected Port Group, or can the alert be limited only based on de...

hi I'm trying to config and run SNMPv3 for first time I but it doesn't work. now I have an router on my lab and a server with multiple snmp manager apps and server can router my router directly so I wont have any security issue during this test. my c...

Hi, I am trying to create a script that will send an email when a specific action occurs.Everything works except for the sendemail portion.I am knew to EEM scripting and may not understand certain concepts.Please forgive my lack of knowledge on that ...

ideocisco by Level 1
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Hi, We currently have an issue with the EEM script. We have tunnels from the ASR router to AWS. There are 2 x tunnels to a VPC in AWS. We have a script to notify us when both tunnels to the VPC go down. Once one of the tunnels go down a log i...

saichands by Level 1
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