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I am working on the configuration of the NAM to address Application Response Time. Hereby I am running into some issue. The latest PP is installed and Deep Packet Inspection. I still have a lot of unknow traffic and I do not really understand how to ...

In Prime users guide there is section describing 'Creating NAT IP Pools': Step 1 Choose Inventory > Device Management > Network Devices. Step 2 After choosing the device from the list, click Configuration. The Feature Configuration pane appears. Ho...

phi.aarde by Level 1
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Good morning. I have a new project in the work, i need equipment for a medium enterprise, i´ve seen many equipment in the web page Cisco, however i do not understand the paragraph "End-of-Life and End-of-Sale Notices".The equipments that at present ...

fianvar01 by Level 1
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I am looking for the Visio stencil for the WS-X4748-SFP-E.  I could not locate it with all of the other Visio stencils?  Does any one know if this exists? If it does then where would I find it? If it doesn't how does one go about requesting one to be...

rondonohue by Level 1
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Hi,  The issue that I get is that when I back up a config file it comes out in a format that is useless. I have attached an example.  Is this because I am using a bad tftp server? Its tftpd64. Please help. Thanks Peter

EEM Applet to augment IOS sip-ua response to SIP registration failures with multiple redundant SIP Proxies.The EEM applet described below is used in the IOS configuration of a Cisco IAD2431 Voice Gateway that used to connect a PBX to a SIP-based tele...

Hi everybody. I have some issue with cisco prime 2.2 I configured cisco switches  for snmp v3  and add in cisco prime I have see only reachability of devices. I need  too see cpu utilization memory utilization, Interfaces traffics statics bandwidth, ...

elnurh by Level 1
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Dear All, We have Cisco Setup at our office. My question is if one of our team member log on the device and do some changes. How can we trace that login info and changes other than history command. Do syslog server give us logs about the commands he ...