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Hello Community……..I have Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.1………we just bought  a couple for Nexus 7710s and it included the Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager software.  My question is, is it an add on to “Cisco Prime Infrastructure” does it make a ...

We have added a new tacacs server running 5.2 and coming from 3.3.Will I lose router access when removing the old server IP info and AAA commands? The router is out of state and don't want to lose access while making these changes. Config Example:Old...

Nick C. by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA Port failure

Hi everybody! we experienced a port failure om a brand new 5525X. The port looked to be up/up but no layer 2 traffic was transmitted. The interface was configured as outside, and when we moved outside to gig0/3 everything worked. We reloaded the ASA ...