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Resolved! Suppress BGP advertisements

Hi The company I work for are BGP multi homed with two different providers for Internet transit.  The company has a primary & secondary data centre from which they each connect to a single provider.  AS prepending & local pref are used to prefer tran...

Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.1 to setup Discovered Devices in Dashboard Detail auto refresh in 3 minutes

Hi all: I found out that the discovered devices (after successful scanning) in the main Dashboard Detail cannot or take very long time to auto-refreshing the status change. May I know is there any way by Command Line at the "Root" (I am using an OVA ...

Resolved! Crypto Generate script

HIMy goal- crypto key generated by startup config- 'no shut' a specifc interface- save the config to nvramMy Script!kron occurrence crypto_key in 2 oneshot policy-list crypto_key!kron policy-list crypto_key cli event manager run crypto_key!event mana...

Resolved! ACS 5.5 CLI Admin account expired.

Hi All, we have cisco ACS 5.5 appliance and its password got expired . now we are unable to login into the device via cli.I need help on below points.1) how to reset cli admin password. please share me the procedure2) how to take the backup of the de...

PCP Support

I'm looking for a cisco router that supports PCP.My ISP network (class A) requires the ability for customers to automatically forward port in their NAT router to my carrier grade Router.I see it's supported by Cisco XR products but it seems to be too...

New to EEM

Hi All, I have recently started learing EEM and it would be a great help if someone can explain the syntax of the below line,action 1 regexp "Interface ([^,]+)" "$_syslog_msg" match intfI would like to know:1.use of regexp2. How does interface ([^,]+...

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