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Hello,I'm writing an EEM script to detect when a MAC address is added to the MAC address-table and I have a question about how to get the added MAC address and the interface it was added on and set them as variables.  I've attached the script and out...

r.crist by Beginner
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Hi, would appreciate some help with the below please if anyone canI need to match the CDP model of an IP phone on a CDP neighbor-discovery event - which is fine and working well.Upon the CDP model check of the phone then check the interface descripti...

I'm wondering how I would set up a script for this.  We have different model 800 series routers but I would like the same EEM script to be on all.  The 881 has FA ports while the 891 has Gig ports.I'd like to have the EEM script do a 'show version' o...

bravotom99 by Beginner
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Hi all. I'm missing a function in PI 2.0 (as I know from LMS 4.2).Reporting a MAC-Address-List by device (switch). In PI, I've only found a report "device" ==> "wired port attribute" ==> "wired port attribute detailed report"Here I can select "Report...

mfilser by Beginner
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