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Cisco Prime 2.0

I currently have Prime LMS 4.2, and Prime Infrastructure 2.0 , Does prime 2.0, or even LMS 4.2 have the ability to monitor and alerts for events not related to interfaces?  Over the weekend I had a 6509 with a 10gigabit line card fail, and also a 494...

Resolved! cisco prime syslog alarm

Is it possible to generate an alarm for especific Syslog Messges sent to Cisco Prime?Admin > Network > Notification and Action Settings > Syslog Automated ActionsHere is possible to send an email. But I would like to see the alarm in the Monitoring d...

Resolved! How to get IP address for the devices connected to a switch

                   Hi All,     Right now dot1dTpFdbPort(. OID is being used to find the mac address of the devices connected to a particular switch. It is being found out by passing the VLAN ID and dot1dTpFdbPort OID in the com...

JoLearns by Beginner
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Hi,i miss the aaa and tacacs command order.Now i can access the nexus but i am not able to config.C2-BAL-NEXUS# sho run | i tacacsfeature tacacs+aaa group server tacacs+ ACS tacacs-server directed-request C2-BAL-NEXUS# sho run | i aaaaaa group server...

Feature template is in grey

Hey,While trying to configure a new template (in this case NTP template) i'm not able to change template settings and getting the fields in grey (see image attached). does anyone knows why?Also if i already have an NTP server configured on my devices...

talmadari by Beginner
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How to create a simple hardware/software inventory report in PI2.0

We have about 2000 devices in our campus and I would like to create a simple report that list each switch model and the different IOS version each switch model runs. For example: Cisco Catalyst 2960-24TC-L     (10)  IOS 12.1.1    (5)  IOS 12.1.3    (...

r.westman by Beginner
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EEM TCL for interface commands

I am working on a script that will make interface changes.  I am trying to do the following:1) save the output from the following command:  #show cdp nei detail | i Interface2) this will most likely give a list of interfaces some of which will be rep...