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I'm looking to setup a cli push from Prime for individual ports.  I want to look to see what vlan and voice vlan is on that interface and take those numbers as variables and then push config to that interface based on what those variables say.

 Hi,We have 6 Nexus 7K switches with the same credential but job is failing for only 2 Switches. Checked creating the device credentials verification job for both devices.The job got failed  saying Telnet (Protocol not configured.) and SSH (Incorrect...

There is no trace of EEM on my router. I have an 861 running universal 15.0(1)M4 with an advsecurity licensce. This is what I get under global config:lch-nj_mana(config)#e?enable      end        energywise  eouerrdisable  exception  exit Am I going c...

jasonww04 by Beginner
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I am attempting to add my ASAs into prime but get stuck almost instantly after adding the new device. Prime is able to get the device name and Device type (Cisco ASA-5580 Adaptive Security Appliance Security Context) Admin status shows up as Managed ...

Hi All,Recently we have witnessed getting false alarms - operationallydown from Dfm from multiple routers and switches during early morning.When we checked the router switches, there were no events or logs related to this. Then we confirmed that thes...

secureIT by Enthusiast
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Hello everyone.I want to improve the network of the University where I work, which attached the Images of the current state and desired.We have two circuits one for classroom Internet, wifi, laboratories (30 MB) and one for administrative staff (12 M...

Hi all,I have created an EEM script for my switch to perform a few commands I would normally use then email that output to my mail address. The event triggers on interface down and emails ok, but it's missing one of the commands (it only shows the ou...

petenixon by Participant
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