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Hi there,I've got Prime 2.0 managing almost every Cisco device on our network, apart from 2x 2960C's and 1x 2960X.  The switches have the same SNMP and SSH config as all my other devices, but these ones all report a "Collection Failure".Collection St...

Le Gazman by Beginner
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Does anyone know if the Cisco Network Assistant (CNA) software is affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability? I've looked through the various list of products under investigation, vulnerable and not vulnerable and can't find CNA listed. Doesn't make se...

zac.quinn by Beginner
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So today we use Scrutinizer as our NetFlow analyzer.  If I'd like to use Assurance instead, I have the understanding that I'll need to add a NAM to my ISR-G2 routers.  Is that correct?  If so, is there any way around this? Thanks. 

moody by Beginner
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My goal is to have EEM configure BGP policy when it sees certain messages in syslog.We'd like to do this as an applet, since we don't yet have enough expertise w/ TCL. (we'll learn about it later when we have time & resource, but not now)All our netw...

huangedmc by Participant
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LMS Version 4.2.5one 6509 stuck in "All Learning Devices in Inventory Services"    *** Data Collector Status Information *** Discovery Progress    = 10% completed Error Code                   = N/A Error Message             = N/AI have remove this de...