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Hi to All,I am in the process of upgrading the LMS 4.2.2 to 4.2.5 withing the same server : Windows 2008 64bit R2 with 8GB RAM (VM) as per cisco release note on the upgradeDirect migration 1. Install LMS 4.2.4 2. Install LMS 4.2.5The backup data is a...

Dear Experts, We have Cisco Pi 2.1 in our network and we have added the cisco ASR router.Also we have configured the net flow for the device. And we are able to take the output also.The device inventory status is also completed.But the memory utiliza...

Hi,I am having many issues with PI 2.2 and am trying to set up SNMPv3.My network uses a vast majority of 3750s running 12.2(58)SE2 and some 15.0(2)SE* as well as some Nexus 5596T 5.2(1)N1(6)Bellow is my snmpv3 template that I deploy with PI. I get no...

Hello everybody,   I want to write a CLI-Template to save the startup-config to a FTP-Server. So here ist my template:   #MODE_ENABLE #INTERACTIVE copy running-config ftp: <IQ>remote host<R>$ftpserver<IQ>filename<R>${IPAddress}.txt #ENDS_INTERACTIV...

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