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Hello,I pulled an “End of Life Hardware Status” report and 45 devices failed to report their status. Out of those 45 devices, 23 devices are live and in production; however, failed to report their End of Life Hardware status. I’d like to know the rea...

zekebashi by Enthusiast
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Hi all, I have configured netflow on a WS-C6506-E switch and having trouble exporting both inbound and outbound flows as on interface will only send outbound and another inbound. My hardware type is -Mod  Sub-Module                  Model            ...

I'm working on a Splunk app for Cisco IOS log management and would like to know if there is a downloadable list of IOS error messages with facilities, severities and mnemonics including their message texts, recommended actions and also descriptions o...

mikaelbje by Beginner
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When using EEM applet or even EEM Script I have noticed a behavior, when sending syslog message like thisaction 30.1 syslog priority notifications msg "Usmerjevalnik $_info_routername: 1G LINK 2 UP (sla id = $sla_id) !!!" message does not appear in s...

bmlakar by Beginner
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Hello !There is an Access Server and other devices connected to it via reverse telnet (console cables from access server).I want to execute TCL command on the Access Server  that would run TCL script on the router.I think the way to achieve this is a...

EvaldasOu by Enthusiast
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