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LMS 4.0 IP Address

Hello,I changed the IP address and restarted my LMS server but some features don't work. I can do a system backup for example, discovery too but not Sync Archive or Manage Device State.When I try, I have a message which say : DCMA0022: No device sele...

Resolved! Cisco Prime 1.3 Managed with warnings

                   Hi,We are working with Cisco Prime 1.3 and have the problem that the devices are in the stated " Managed with warnings" . Some devices don't show the IOS version and some do.The SNMP and telnet parameters are correct and when I del...

wim_depauw by Beginner
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Cisco Network Assistant

Happy Monday!!Is there someone using the tool listed above? I having problems with the core which is a stack of 3750s switches, but the tool is telling that it does NOT support this device.Let me hear, please!Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPad Ap...

aramirez by Beginner
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Cisco Prime & Lms

Hi,we have ordered following BOM...i dont understand why it is required Cisco Prime Infrastructure & LMS 4.2 also...what is diffence between them...or same..??item name           description                                                            ...

s4sandyad by Beginner
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Resolved! Ciscoworks LMS 4.1 Monitor Temperature

Good Morning everyone !I'm trying to create a poller to monitor Temperature trap of my cisco catalyst 2960 from Ciscoworks LMS 4.1.I set up snmp trap on my device : Switch(conf-t)# snmp-server host <@IP_server_LMS> SNMPv2c     --I'm using SNMPv2cSwit...

IP SLA with EEM !!!

Hello,Greetings,I am facing some problem with WAN interface. Our peer WAN down for while and when PEER LINK is UP our WAN interface doesn't auto UPLINK for some reason. I do know that if i apply "shut" and "no shut" command on our WAN interface link ...

LMS 3.2 Issue

Hi,we have changed the SNMP string in all the networking devices.After changing the string one of our LMS server running with Cisco LMS 3.2 is not working properly.LMS does not take new SNMP string-10 charcter. It is take OLD SNMP String- 8char.In th...