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Resolved! S0/0/0

Hi I am trying to configure a router as per the attached table. I am struggling to find a router which has int s0/0/0 - I checked all the available routers and various modules that you can install in PK. However, I can't find any which has s0/0/0. So...

lucad7846 by Beginner
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I create a playbook to restore my router backup using ansible, but it didn't work properly. I attached a screenshot of my error. ---- hosts: CR01connection: network_cligather_facts: falsetasks:- name: push config fileios_config:src: "home/yugan/deskt...

Hi, i am using an ip address of for this network and the switch is connected to the routers and devices at vlan 100,i used on the router gig0/0 and starting ip on the server. when i configure dhcp on the devices, it s...

Screenshot 2022-07-31 160444.png
SjING by Beginner
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Resolved! Collision domain

Hi everyoneJust a quick question please. Given the attached screenshot, I believe there is 4 broadcast domains and 11 collision domains. It looks like 11 collision domains is not the correct answer. Do we counts the ports on the devices to determine ...

lucad7846 by Beginner
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