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I'm running an SG300-52 switch.  I enabled SNMP using the following commands:snmp-server serversnmp-server community testro rosnmp-server host testro I can't snmpwalk the switch.  What is missing?

MikeTMech by Level 1
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HiA while back I wrote an ESM script to look at the log entries as they are created and if the script found the string "Line protocol" it would create a new log entry that would include the configured description for an interface.  The idea behind th...

Tim Glen by Cisco Employee
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While recent IOS versions support scp sources or destinations for copyoperations ...   aprompt#copy running-config ?     flash1:         Copy to flash1: file system     flash2:         Copy to flash2: file system     flash:          Copy to flash: fi...

I have some 2621 routers that I want to be able to restrict SNMP access so that a 3rd. party can only discover the device, not be able to read my configuration.  I know that I can setup a RO server host, but that would still give them access to downl...

bw3481 by Level 1
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Hi.i have a customer that work's with ciscoworks.he complain that ciscoworks create a tempory files in c:\windows\temp.the tempory files is detailes in the attach photo (asatxxx.tmp).some of the files is more then 1 GB.the version of ciscoworks is 3....

pinie0001 by Level 1
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I have been trying to delete devices from my Prime Infrastructure 2.0 installation since yesterday.  When I select the devices from the Device Work Center and click delete, a pop-up box appears stating that the delete will take a long time to complet...

Resolved! EEM Script Abort

I am trying to auto deploy many routers and am attempting to use Prime Infrastructure.   Here is what i have so far that works:1- New router connected to network, boots and gets DHCP with tftp address2- New router connects to Prime and uses deployed ...

smolz by Level 4
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I have an EEM script which runs on a track when it goes down, within the actions i have different other things to check and take actions accordingly and they are working fine. I want to include a router reload within the same applet which should only...

I have a not-so newly installed LMS4.2 Linux appliance. Here is my configuration archive summary:Config Archival Status No. of Devices Successful 7 Failed 1338 Partially Successful0 Total1345 Configuration Never Collected 1338 So I look up a device...

ww9rivers by Level 1
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