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Hi,  we would like to  create a daily report for checking  (by user-tracking function) mac-address list on the network. I try to use “report designer” on “report” dashboard without any success. Could you help us to provide or create a method for appl...

Our Switch (3750 & nexus 5000 & nexus 7000) be scan with udp 123 and 161 port open on management interface. I know it's open for NTP and SNMP. But for our Security policy it's not allowed. Any body know how to close it ?? Not only acl block but also ...

Does anyone know if we can use SMB/SFTP/FTP/SCP directly to our PI 2.X server?  We used to copy the stored configs on LMS 4.2.2 (Windows) using SMB for DR/Backup purposes - trying to duplicate this process now that we are on the linux build....and ti...

cburnham by Level 4
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Is this by purpose or by mistake, but after updating latest device pack to CPI 2.0 all routers started report Partial Collection Failure.Once I looked into message (stating that collection of OSPF information is missing - which is correct as I don't ...

Hello everybody,I have a very problematic situation here.I have configure on a Cisco 2960 the vty line in a wrong manner and now I am stock.To configure those vty to enable ssh I have typed :line vty 0 4login localpassword xxxxline vty 5 15login loca...

billetj09 by Level 1
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Hello All,Current network of my company, under router included core switch (cisco 3750) --> middle switch (cisco 3560) --> access switch --> computers/devicesabout over 600 computers using IP via DHCP Server. I want to monitor network if there was un...