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Dear AllI have installed a trail version of Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2. Please help me on the following topics: 1) In the TX and RX Utilization of specific interafce, there is no data available. So is this because of trial version? 2) I need, Cis...

a.mehrizi by Beginner
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Hi,I have installed Kiwi syslog server and configured the router with the following:Logging buffered 8192 informationalLogging host 192.168.10Logging trap debuggingBut I get nothing in the kiwi syslog server.Wireshark on the same PC shows traffic des...

                   Dear I am running Cisco Works LMS 2.5 and i am getting the following error when trying to track any device or end host.Kindly suggets me to resolve this issue.Application error: URN_NOT_FOUND : urn "ogs_server_urn" : Not found !!.

Hi friends,I have a question about IP SLA, so here goes.I'm trying to implement the ip sla by the frame relayhere is my topologyI'm sending g711 packets from R1 to R5there is a traffic that succesfully sent to R5. The question is, why didn't it detec...

Dear All, I am wondering if someone could be so kind as to help me understand the way I should correctly implement this requirement in Ciscoworks Prime. I have a large network with a number of different vlan interfaces and interface IDs some of which...

        This is my first post so I hope I'm in the correct forum.  I'm having a problem getting SNMP v3 communicating between the CWNCM and all of our network switches.  I have no problems getting WUG to communicate and I also get communication when ...

HiI have configured both PI 1.3 HA on the lab for comissioning before install with production IPs, GW, DNS and passwords.What is the proper procedure to change all parameters to production values:1 - Changing config with CLI commandsor2 - Running set...

rgomes by Beginner
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