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hello,I'm new in EEM, I am doing a simulation betwen two routers,I can trigger the event locally for exemple : event syslog pattern ".*LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN*.*down"is that it is possible to trigger depending on the interface of the remote router?example...

I want to inject a text file that contains multiple routing tables by EEMPlease have an idea?example text file,ip route route route 55255255255ip route 4.3.2....

Hello all,We have Cisco Prime 2.0 Infrastructure and I would like to know how to remove certain interfaces from monitoring?  For example, I do not need monitoring on some ISDN and FXS/FXO ports.  I am receiving email alerts for ISDN channels going up...

Can anybody clarify for me the total size of an IP SLA packet? We are going to be using UDP Jitter probes, and the way I see it it should be like this - Setup - 52 byte control packet exchange to set up measurement phase, thenMeasurement-20 byte IP H...

Hello i am having this common issue with LMS. It states that ANI Server is down.C:\Program Files\CSCOpx\bin>pdshow ANIServer        Process= ANIServer        State  = Failed to run        Pid    = 0        RC     = -1        Signo  = 1073741823      ...

Hi,I deployed PI 2.0 and added devices into it. For one of devices, PI complains credential mismatch. Here are troubleshooting I have done,1. Double check credentails are identical.2. Delete and readd the device in device work center.Not sure if ther...

johnsonyu by Beginner
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Hi,Does anyone have suggestions on which discovery settings are best for prime to schedule an auto discvery of the network weekly or daily?  Using the seeds IP's, it seems it might not capture all devicea accross the WAN.  I wanted to know if there i...

sndoye by Beginner
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I have a 2811 that has a bad CF slot. I don't have a USB stick small enough (4GB is the smallest, unless it'll use it partitioned as a 2GB) to copy IOS to the 2811. Right now I'm trying to copy the IOS image via xmodem into DRAM and booting that way....

mzr by Beginner
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Besides a RW community string on Wired switches and routers in Prime Infrastructure, are there any other special configurations required (on the Wired switch or router side) in order for the templates to be deployed.Reason I'm asking is in my lab whe...

Rob Johnson by Cisco Employee
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