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Hello,I use LMS 4.2.4 on Linux (virtual appliance).I have a Cisco 4500X switch in VSS mode (SysObjectId is looked up at the LMS supported device list for all LMS 4.X versions and I coud only find it in the document for 4.2.2.I...

udid by Level 1
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Hello, Does anyone ever seen this kind of message when configured ISIS multi-topology with support of IPv6?The message i see is "Remote TID: 0, 2(parallel adjacency suppressed)" I was trying to research that by "google" nothing found. Any one can exp...

Can any one help me out to get off form roomon mode.Actually i changed the confreg 0x2102 to 0x2142 vlaue and then i get into the switch and configured it properly and save the configuration and reload the switch. And i forgot to set the confreg 0x21...

Hi,, I am configuring my new router cisco 1941... I am having a lease linewith static Ip...  I am configuring my statiic ip x.x.x.209 on G0/0 with subnet length 29 and with subnet length24 on g0/1 port.  But its not working ... so please h...

I've added an ASA-5540 to the group of systems I backup each night. When the admin logs into the ASA in the morning, he sees the "save configuration" flag has been set. This started the same day CiscoWorks saved teh configuration. What is CiscoWorks ...

skonrad01 by Level 1
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