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SNMP equivalent to IOS CLI

Are there SNMP OID equivalents to the Status, Vlan and Type columns of "show interface status"?What about "show etherchannel summary" and "show lacp internal"?cat6513#show interface statusPort      Name               Status       Vlan       Duplex  S...

yjdabear by Collaborator
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SNMP views typrs

Hello friends....I need to understand different view types in SNMP ..... I know they are like subset of whole big set of mibs..... What are iso and system views? And any other views types....I googled it but could not find the appropriate information...

IP SLA responder on Catalyst 2960S stacked

HiI have a pair of switches stacked:Switch Ports Model                          SW Version          SW Image------     -----     -----                             ----------                 ----------     1    52      WS-C2960S-48FPS-L  15.0(1)SE    ...

leeflight by Beginner
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Resolved! Multi-line command problems

I am trying to add an motd banner to a configuration template in template center.  When I add it I get the following error on the import:Template import Failed. Unable to parse the XML file.Please ensure that the XML file is complaint to the schema.I...

jedavis by Enthusiast
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Resolved! EMM script with CDP

Hello Everyone. I have the topology bellow. 6500-1(DATACENTER 1) ------ LAN TO LAN 1 ------- Nexus 7K-1(DATACENTER 2)6500-2(DATACENTER 1) ------ LAN TO LAN 2 ------- Nexus 7K-2(DATACENTER 2)Lan to Lan 1 is used for vlan 3, Lan to Lan 2 is used for t...

Smart Install VLAN creation.

Hi All,I have been having a play with Smart Install, and it's working fairly well and I am looking to implement in our production environment. The only thing that I find annoying is that when I have all the vlan config in my smart install configurati...