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I'm using Cacti to monitor our Nexus 5548UP devices.  I can monitor the physical ports, and the Port Channels, but my layer 3 interfaces (vlans) I can not.  Is this a limitation of the 5548 since it needs the daughter cards in order to do layer 3?TIA...

SCOTT VOLL by Beginner
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Resolved! About NATing

Hi ,I have some questions,Is it true that in the routers we need to install a software for NATing or the routers already have NATing feature by default? Also do all ASA firewalls have built in NATing and we simply have to enable it?---Posted by WebUs...

fb_webuser by Frequent Contributor
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Hi Team,My goal is to achive that if the CPU utilization is greater than the 50% run the "undubug all" commandTo avoid the high tilization due to debug (I know that the access - list should be used for the same , but i want to achive this)Below is my...

Dears,I'm facing problem in the CPU Utilization on Cisco 3750x, the below is the resault of "show process cpu sorted":  5Sec         1Min         5Min            TTY Process16.47%    16.93%       17.03%          Hulc LED Process how i can minimze the...

I just have installed LMS 4.0.1 and have the following query. What is "Data Collection" in LMS and how does it differs from "Inventory Collection" ?What datas are collected from the devices being managed by LMS and what is the mode of collection? (SN...

Hello, We are trying to monitor two stacks of CISCO WS-c3750X running IOS 12.2.(58)SE. We can get the state of the power supplies, but after a power cycle or reboot of the switches the identifier of ONE of the Power supplies ALWAYS change. The OIDs f...

Markelson by Beginner
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I am using tracking and EEM for doing something like link-state tracking on an ISR G2.But, I got an error only the first time run of the EEM script after rebooting the router.From the second time EEM script works fine and set the interface shutdown p...

samira1371 by Beginner
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i want monitored the status of nexus7010.(Mainly Includes:cpu、memory and temperature  information). I can't use oid for my nms  which downloaded from the cisco website. So I need  some advices