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Resolved! CNA and NX

Hello, I am trying to connect a NX7000 in the CNA(Cisco Netwrok Assistant) but it is failing. I checked the http settings on the NX7000 but it wasn't enabled. I tried to enable it but looking for the http feature but that feature isn't available. My ...

Hi @alltoday i´d tried to login at my Cisco Prime interface. After i´d tried to browse to the device center i get an error. See picture.The last config i did was to configure Radius setting. But i´d tested it and threre it works fine ... Any idea The...

MarioLieb by Level 1
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Hi,I'm trying to report on meaningful IPSecTunnelStop/Start traps from our ASA5540 & 5580 so our nms can report more indepth tunnel alerts. As far as I can see, the correct MIB ( is loaded on our nms (Zenoss).  But, wh...

mo_sjones by Level 1
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Hi,I am configuring a wpa2 psk on a cisco controller using the OID (snmp set) i do snmp walk for this OID i getSNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.9.9.521. = STRING: "*********"SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.9.9.521.

mahiapkum by Level 1
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Resolved! Variable value

Hey ,I am new in EEM , so please help me out in one of my query .I am going through one of the script as below event manager applet SLAevent timer cron cron-entry "5 * * * *"event ipsla operation-id 10 reaction-type timeoutaction 10   if $_ipsla_con...

Resolved! EEM SNMPv3

Does EEM support SNMPv3? I have written some scripts that send snmp-traps from one router to another configured as an "snmp-server manager" but it looks like they only get sent as v2. I need to use v3 for IA reasons. If it doesn't support SNMPv3, is ...

Hello,I'm trying to upgrade a fresh installation of Prime LMS 4.2 to 4.2.4.I already download directly the upgrade files from to the server, and unzip all the files to the localdisk. Directory of disk:/ 1198459265 Nov 11 2013 18:13:25  Cisc...

HelloScripting is really not my thing but I need a simple script which will effectively sit in the routers flash and do the following:conf tInterface range gix/0/x - xno power inlineIm sure it fairly simple but looking at EEM and TcL makes me think t...

Hi,We have noticed alarms being displayed on Cisco Prime Collaboration for endpoints that seem as if they are false.. Has anyone experienced this before?For example we have a Cisco C90 Codec that is displaying Microphone errors on inputs that are uti...