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Log file DFM 3.2.1

                   Where can I can find the log file of DFM 3.2.1 on a Solaris system?  Can it be found using the GUI?  I manually set the SNMP of all devices, discovered in DCR, but only 4 imported through auto import.  Trying to figure out why othe...

LMS 4.2.2 Archive

Hi,I have today applied the latest RME updates to bring the enviromnet up todate and now the majority of devices (Routers, Switches etc) do not backup< I have changed nothing in relation to timeouts etc and see no reason why I should have to as thing...

Ian Beck by Beginner
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ASA 5524-X and LMS

Hi,Any one see the pronl;em where LMS 4.2.2 cannot backup an ASA 5525-X (UKHSL-N01-AFW02)..The Inventory collection is fine, to a point.I have applied all updates LSM etcIan[ Thu Nov 22  15:23:10 GMT 2012 ],INFO ,[Thread-10],

Ian Beck by Beginner
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Is it possible to create a login page to access the internet without ACS ?

Hello My company would like a solution where guests can only access the intenet with a username or password so a web login page before accessing the internet. is this possible to configure onm a cisco router with no ACS ?ThanksAndy