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I got great help from this community creating a EEM script which looks for output drops on a specific interface.  I would now like to do the following:from the output of switch# "show interface summary" i would like to determine if any of the values ...

Hello,I have an LMS 4.1 where syslog reports available for all the reachable devices on the network. All the devices were configured with the command "logging host <LMS_IP_address>".The problem is that the report on LMS are shifted 2 hours from the c...

I found an old support modules table at Feb 28, 2012. I cannot find one newer.I have LMS 4.1 and I'm trying to render a Nexus 7010 in Ciscoview. I have ...

kbyrd by Explorer
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Hi AllHas anyone installed a Prime Infrastructure Appliance yet?We've just received 2 of them and have booted them up and run the initial setup to assign IP address, DNS etc.After the intitial setup you should reboot and then https into them.Although...

We have a problem where the SCCP get stuck in 'UNKNOWN' / 'inactive' state. we run 'show sccp conn' command to check it manually. Looking for a script where we check for 'UNKNOWN' / 'inactive' sessions every hour, if there are 'n' number of sessions,...

agup by Beginner
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