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LMS 4.0.1 SMTP Problem

Hi All,       Here is the situation:       I have set the LMS SMTP option and administrator email ID, then tried to send the email about inventory report for testing the lms notification. However, it can't work.      Using the WireShark to check, i f...

tira li by Beginner
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Upgrade LMS 3.2 and PI1.2

Hi All, I have a project to upgrade LMS3.2 to a new PI 1.2. my current plan is 1. build a new VM to install LMS 4.22. backup LMS 3.2 ( not SP1)3. import 3.2 data to the new 4.2 machine a PI 1.2 and import 4.2 data into PI 1.2 5. run the devic...

what devices support LLDP?

Hi allWe are investigating on switching over from CDP to LLDP. And im trying to find out information on what devices support LLDP.We have 22,000 devices. Ranging from 3750/3560/2960/6500  and ASR1000, 7200, 2800, 3800, 2900,3900All the catalysts do s...

Active DS0 T1

Hello,I'm trying to use Cacti to monitor active DS0 utilization on my ISR voice gateways. These range from 2811 - 3845 platforms. I'm a little at a loss for what OID to query.I've tried: even ran an SNMP explorer on this ...

tpfrankli by Contributor
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EEM Script on IOS XR

Hi,I need some help from anyone who may have used EEM/Tcl on IOS XR to achiev something close to this:A link experiences high packet loss, input errors or any degradation and the EEM script is supposed to take these example actions:Increase the metri...

grandmike1 by Beginner
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Resolved! NTP design questions !

Hi Few questions on NTP designwhat value is added by configuring multiple ntp servers apart from redundancy e.g.ntp server ntp server ntp server value is added by configuring multiple ntp peer apart from redundancy e.g.ntp...

kthned by Participant
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Deploying Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2

For the deployment of Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2 do I need to have 1 or 2 appliances or vms.  From what I can read version 1.2 is supposed to combine Cisco Prime LMS and NCS into one pane of glass for management so I would assume that I would onl...

terstegen by Beginner
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Shut and send a trap

Hello there ,I have the following requirement . Will be great to know your thoughts .I need to shut a port down , when a device connected to that port is removed and send an SNMP trap stating the so and so interface has been shut down.The following i...

krim by Beginner
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