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Resolved! EEM config & Track delay

We have two iBGP peers with their own separate eBGP (Internet) peers.We use them as an HSRP pair (over an L2 trunk) for our redundant Internet.I've created an EEM script that will have the "secondary" router track the "primary" router's HSRP interfac...

Ven Taylor by Enthusiast
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Shut/No Shut on Tunnel Interface

We occasionally have a tunnel interface that flaps up and down on occasion, and a simple shut/no shut fixes the issue.   I saw that EEM scripts can perform actions based upon syslogged events, so we decided to give it a go.   I set up the following s...

lcnorwood by Beginner
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Resolved! NAM-2, login issue.

Hello at all.We are using two NAM-2, WS-SVC-NAM-2, with the same software 5.1(2) and patches. Users are authenticated externally by TACACS.We note some differences on login (see attached file). Also when we login (using the same user) on NAM #1 the m...

Resolved! Network Utilization Tools

Hello, Does anyone know of a commercial tool to measure network bandwidth utilization, but without requiring access to the network devices? Namely, a tool to be installed on a LAN, which would measure the utilization of the LAN and potentially the WA...

v_michael_ by Beginner
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OID of cbQosCMPrePolicyPkt...

HiI have a question on the SNMP OID. I would like to browse an SNMP OID "cbQosCMPrePolicyPkt" on my switch ios v12.2(33). The configs are there and I can see the packets number when I do "sh policy-map controlplane"Output from my linux machine is bel...

kthned by Participant
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LMS - Dashboard

When opening LMS dashboard some histographs are in an open state - see screenshotThis is happening intermittently on supported versions of firefox and IE.LMS version 4.2.2.Please advise.

colmgrier by Beginner
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Monitoring NAT using netflow 9

Hi all,I have a question regarding netflow and NAT. I have read some documentation (on ASR1000) regarding monitoring NAT process on Cisco ASR1000 that can be done using netflow version 9 (the term was called netflow event logging a.k.a NEL). The prob...