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Hi all,I've seen an issue with the timer policy between EEM versions. The absolute timer "time" field is supposed to be the number of seconds since January 1 1970. This is the behaviour i am seeing on EEM 4.0. I have 2 older devices, a 3600 and a 170...

joe_quinn by Beginner
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Hi,Im still on the Cisco learning curve and was wondering if you guys could help me out.Background - we have a setup of about 14 WS-C2960-48FPS-L all running from a 3750G stack.What i want to be able to do is create dedicated accounts so that local I...

I have a customer whose 6500's reboot sometimes. When they do, they create interface vlans 1-700 even though most of them should exist.  I was wondering if this is possible:1.  Monitor for a "software forced reboot" in syslog (I got this part)2.  Act...

brentsm2 by Beginner
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Hello together, I want to back up my startup-CAT6500 configuration to disk0: flashcard and want to save the config file with the actual timestamp as part of the config-file-name on disk0:In the following the syntax:event manager applet backup_conf_to...