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I'm wondering if anyone else is using LMS 4.2 with the F2 series Nexus 7K linecards (N7K-F248XP-25). I'm trying to but they show up as "Unsupported Card" in CiscoView (despite having the latest 7.1 version of the CiscoView Nexus 7K package).At this p...

Hello All,I am trying to use the Perl Scripting Toolkit available from Cisco : the documen...

Hello We have a network deployed Cisco LMS 4.1. The devices configured so that they send messages  syslog to LMS server. But the LMS does not display the logs. At the same time if you go to the file system at C: \ Program Files (x86) \ CSCOpx \ logs ...

I have the following IP SLA set up and would like to do the following. I would like to have a log entry if any of the below have a failure and then send an email alerting to that failure. Is there a way to do this with EEM?ip sla 1010udp-jitter 64.xx...

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Has anyone found a way to run inventory reports for 3750 stacks that will show the serial number, etc., for each switch in the stack?  My inventory reports are way off because the master switch in the stack is the only one accounted for in the invent...