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Hi,I have confiugred EEM to track an IP SLA and shut interface Fa0 if it fails.  Then, at 23:00 each day (least disruptive to user traffic) open the Fa0 interface again.  I've got this part working fine except I want it to shut the interface down aga...

andrewfkay by Beginner
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Hi,Our LMS DCR include more then 1200 devices, ( ASR 1000, CISCO 2600, 2800 advanced ip services IOS etc. )Everything is working well except the IP SLA device table is empty.I can not choose any device from this table.How can i import/add devices to ...

Hello, I have P router (7206VXR) and I need to export netflow from its MPLS interfaces to the netflow software.I use these commands:ip flow-export  source Loopback0 ip flow-export  version 9 ip flow-export  destination x.x.x.x 9995 ip flow-cache time...

I have used every version of LMS since 1.0 and I'm very familiar with the software.  My problem is with the last few versions and the device discovery feature.  It seems that in earlier versions, once the seed device was configured and devices had th...

bm_5789 by Beginner
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Installed the Latest version of CCP. Noticed that it use Internet Explorer as the default browser. Current issue - Monitor - Traffic Status - Application traffic view show a window that is to large for my current screen,I've tried several options to ...

Hi there,i have an issue with the lms 4.2 Topology Data Collection. After installation the Topology Data Collection was running normaly, but since first server reload the Topo Data Collect under Inventory > Dashboards > Device Status > Collection Sum...

Lonemaker by Beginner
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LMS 4.2, W2K8 R2.I was having an issue with discovery adding devices to with corrupt information (seemingly random strings of characters in several fields).  While I was trying to clean this up a scheduled discovery kicked off and further exacerbated...

jedavis by Enthusiast
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