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Resolved! LMS 4.1 Fault notification forwarding; Wrong value for cenAlarmServerAddress

LMS 4.1 on Win2k8 R2; in "Admin > Network > Notification and Action Settings" I have configured an EventSet and afterwards I created a Notification Group; I defined a subscription for it in "Fault - SNMP trap notification" and the events are forwarde...

CP Express HTTP Port

Hi all,im pretty new when it comes to configuring Cisco Routers but so far have managed to get it all up and running as I had hoped with one small exception.I run an IIS webserver behind my router (887W) and have created a NAT rule to forward all por...

snmp-server on wan

Hello all,can someone give me advice on configuring "SNMP v2". I've a wan with 128k with about 16 spokes and 1 hub. I want to get statistic so I'm afraid if SNMP will kill my little regards,Alcides Miguel

Traditional ACL vs Zone Based FW

I have a 3845 ISR that I have been managing for a couple years that has a traditional ACL based config.  We just purchased a new 3845 for redundancy and it arrived with the zone based config from Cisco.  Any opinions on whether I should take the exis...

BHPCI_2 by Beginner
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netflow on cisco me 6523

helloim trying to get netflow working on a me 6523 to a destination address using udp port 4739 but im not getting anything through wire shark while connectedto a span port on the router or the connecting switch.Im using the management interface whic...