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Best IOS for 2511 w/ 4MB flash?

I have a 2511 I am setting up as an access server in my network here at home. It is currently on IOS 10.2, which is REALLY old. It was, originally, used to provide internet access for a small ISP here in Missouri in the early 90's, and had modems hooked up to the serial ports for people to dial into. It has 4 meg of flash. I know that I cannot run the newest IOS, which is 12.2(T). Does anyone know what the newest version I COULD run, given the amount of flash I have to work with? Or even a comprehensive online document that would give me the IOS command set for 10.2, since everything on Cisco and elsewhere is assuming I'm not running such an ancient IOS? Took me forever to find out that I cannot type "copy running-config startup-config", for example, and instead had to use "write mem"


Thanks for any assistance.

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and you will use it as access server ? what exactly do u plan to use it for ?

Rack is in basement. My office is 2 stories up. I have a Windows computer with Putty and VNC sitting in the rack, with a USB to console cable connected to the 2511. Connected to the serial ports of the 2511 are (2) 3560 PoE switches that I will be purchasing PoE cameras soon to be connected to them, so that I can set up a home security system with ZoneMinder. More console-port equipment may be coming at some point (I do have (3) Cisco PoE wireless APs I'd like to play around with). Point is, I need than one console cable at this point, and the 2511 will allow me to access all the equipment I have without buying multiple console cables and having things be more of a mess than they already are. I think a couple of the Dell servers I have also have serial console ports, that I would just need to buy RJ45 to DB9 adapters for.


Yes, it's a home lab, and yes it's old, but I like playing around with this stuff and using it to it's potential. I have had the 2511 for 10 years now, and until this past weekend had never even plugged it in. Used to have the Cisco 6000 router that it used to be connected to, but decided I was NEVER going to use that beast, and ended up scrapping it. Resetting the password on it was a bear, as all the instructions online presume a newer version of ROMMON, BIOS, and IOS.


Over all, it really sucks that Cisco has decided that not only will they not support such old equipment (undertsandable), they decided to wipe all traces of anything to do with that equipment from their website. I mean, storage is cheap, and I KNOW they are not hurting for money that badly that deleting all that info was worth the effort.


At this moment, almost all of us are moving towards virtual based labs like GNS3, VIRL, CCIE lab builder, even Packet tracer from Net Academy. I used to have GNS3 routers running on my home PC connecting to real Cisco switches before I switched completely to Virtual gear. CCIE lab exam is all virtual gear now, none of it is real gear.
What do u study or need lab for? any Cisco Cert?
If u need a bit of hands on networking gear, i would not spent too much money in real gear; maybe get 2800s ISR router and c3750 switch which are cheap now on Ebay.


Regards, ML
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I understand what you are saying, but a virtual lab would not help me. I was a computer tech at one time, and still keep a lot of a equipment. I was mainly desktop support, but did take a Cisco class when I was in college about 14 years ago.


But, a virtual lab doesn't help in my case. I'm not going to be studying for Cisco certs, this is strictly for my own enjoyment and use. Eventually I will be buying some PoE security cameras, to set up a home security system, which is why I snapped up the chance to buy the (even outdated) 3560s for $10/each. Cameras hooked to 3560, I'll be buying a few SFP modules to link the switches to my main (non-managed) Gig router, and a PC running ZoneMinder. The 2511 (and long gone 6000) was given to me by my wife's uncle after he was clearing out stuff long after he closed down his computer store/ISP. I can't hook cameras up to a virtual PoE switch, just doesn't work :)



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